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Roadworthy Certificate Beaumaris

Roadworthy Certificate from a Reputable Mechanic in Beaumaris

If you are planning to sell or transfer the registration of your vehicle, then make sure to have a roadworthy certificate. It is the certificate that reduces inadequate vehicles on the road.

We at T & A Auto Repairs are the reliable providers of the roadworthy certificate i.e. RWC in Beaumaris. Our expert mechanical inspectors will make sure to verify every aspect of the vehicle and then offer you an accurate roadworthy certificate.

Our Roadworthy Inspection Covers:

  • Suspension, Tyres, wheels, steering and braking systems
  • All seat and seat belts
  • All glass and windows in the vehicle
  • Reflectors, light, and lamp
  • The structure and integration of the vehicle itself
  • Engine, chassis, body and other safety associated items
  • Windscreen and its wipers and washers

In order to obtain a roadworthy certificate, it is mandatory that the vehicle must go through the roadworthy inspection. These inspections are basically based on the safety and functionality of the vehicle.

Benefits of Availing RWC

  • Roadworthy verify your car is safe for driving on the road and complies with the Beaumaris safety standards.
  • To become an owner of the vehicle the proof of roadworthiness is needed, as you cannot transfer the documents without it.
  • To drive smoothly on the road the RWC is needed, which ensures that your vehicle is registered and without any faults.

Why choose us?

As professionals in the automotive industry over several years and locals in Beaumaris area, our mechanics are well equipped to assist you with roadworthy certificate. We pride ourselves on our quality work and honest approach to every mechanic service.

Hence, if you want a complete safety inspection on the final condition of your vehicle, then contact us at 03 9585 0150.

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