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Car Air Conditioning Service & Repairs Blackrock

T & A Auto Repairs – Air Conditioning Service and Repairs in Blackrock

Don’t suffer through a Melbourne summer with subpar air conditioning. At T & A Auto Repairs, we offer expert car air conditioning services across Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs, including Blackrock.

We offer a full range of car air conditioning services including:

  • Inspections, testing, repairs and servicing
  • Tracing and diagnosing leaks
  • Repairing or replacing faulty components
  • Re-gassing
  • Auto electrics

Our team of expert mechanics and air conditioning technicians can diagnose and test your AC system to ensure it’s in peak working condition. We can perform leak tests and carry out diagnostic testing, detection and analysis.

We can handle a range of air conditioning problems including refrigerant leaks, system blockages, compressor faults, electrical problems and more.

We also offer full system re-gassing. Air conditioning systems should be re-gassed at least every one to two years to ensure your system is running properly and to extend the life of the unit.

With over 25 years’ experience, you can trust the team at T & A Auto Repairs to quickly and affordably handle all your car air conditioning repairs.

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